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fun facts about fish

There are over 25,000 known species of fish – that means, there are more we haven’t even discovered yet!

Sure, dinosaurs roamed the earth 240 million years ago, but do you know what’s even MORE impressive? Fish! Fish ruled the roost as far back as 500 million years ago, and they’re still kickin’!

Fish have a backbone. No, it doesn’t mean they can stand up to bullies, it means they are vertebrates! They don’t have lungs though, they’ve got gills.

Gills absorb oxygen from the water and send it throughout their body.

Fish can’t control their body temperature – they’re cold-blooded.

Fish communicate with each other through the use of acoustic communication. That means they transmit acoustic signal to one another to communicate aggression, feeding or attraction!

Salmon migrate every year to breed and lay eggs!

Did you know that the largest fish is the great whale shark? It can grow to 50 feet long!

Fishes have smaller brains in comparison to most other animals.

Cod has a sweet creamy flavour with a light flaky texture.

Haddock has a more pronounced flavour than cod and has a more sweet meaty flavour with a firm texture.

Whiting is a clean white flaky fish with a mild flavour.

Hake is a softer more delicate fish which has a sweet creamy taste and a light crumbly texture.

Atlantic Salmon has a meaty, oily, earthy  flavour with a firm clean flaky texture.

Pollock is a member of the cod family and has similar characteristics with a slightly softer flake and texture