Donegal Catch Salt and Vinegar Haddock Bites Halloween Eyeballs

Halloween Salt and Vinegar Haddock Eyeballs

Get creative with mealtimes this Halloween by recreating our spooky Salt and Vinegar Haddock Eyeballs, a fun way to help encourage your family to get their two portions of fish a week and ready in less than 20 minutes. Our Salt and Vinegar Bites are made with with 100% Irish Haddock Fillets and coated in a crispy salt & vinegar flavoured batter, to make the perfect taste combination for an authentic ‘chip shop’ flavour!Haddock is a great source of protein and has a sweeter and fuller flavour than other white fish. We are committed to supporting responsible fishing practices and are currently working within a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for Irish caught haddock.
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8 Donegal Catch Salt & Vinegar Haddock Bites

8 slices cucumber

4 black olives, chopped in half

Ketchup, plus extra to serve


  1. This product contains raw fish & must be cooked thoroughly. Ensure the fish fingers are piping hot before serving. For best results cook in a conventional oven. These instructions are guidelines only as cooking appliances may vary. Cooking times may vary depending on the thickness of the fillets. Remove all packaging. Pre heat oven to 200°C/ Fan 180C/Gas mark 6. Place haddock bites on a baking tray and cook on the top shelf of a pre-heated oven. Turn halfway through cooking time. Do not reheat.
  2. Whilst the Haddock Bites are cooking, use a small cookie cutter to cut small circles from the cucumber slices, then set them aside.
  3. Place a small amount of ketchup into a small food bag and snip off one of the corners to make a makeshift piping bag.
  4. Pipe a small amount of ketchup onto the middle of each cucumber slice and place an olive on top of the ketchup, pressing lightly to squish the ketchup out a small bit.
  5. When the Haddock Bites are cooked, place them onto your serving platter and use a small amount of ketchup to attach each ‘pupil’ to a Haddock Bites.
  6. Use the remaining ketchup to pipe lines on each Bite - to resemble a bloodshot eye - then serve with extra ketchup for dipping!

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