Vietnamese Crepe with Prawns

Vietnamese Crepe with prawns and herbs

Enjoy a lighter lunch or dinner option using julienned vegetables, herbs and our King Prawns for a healthy, homemade crepe alternative. Vietnamese crepes are made with a basic blend of rice flour, turmeric, and coconut cream, Perfect these savoury, crispy crepes at home with some leafy greens.
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For the Vietnamese crepe

100 grams rice flour 100g

1 teaspoon ground turmeric 1 heaped tsp

200 ml coconut milk, from a tin, mixed with 200 ml water

½ teaspoon salt

For the filling

1 shallot, finely sliced

2 carrots, julienned

250 grams Donegal Catch Atlantic Prawns, defrosted

100 grams beansprouts

2 spring onions, finely sliced

Handful of coriander, mint, basil and dill leaves, roughly chopped

For the dipping sauce

60 ml water

60 ml fish sauce

Juice of ½  lime

2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar

1 tablespoons caster sugar

½  stem lemon grass, pale section only, finely chopped

2 long fresh red chillies, deseeded, finely chopped

1 garlic clove, crushed


  1. To make the crepe batter, mix together the flour, turmeric, coconut milk and water mixture and salt in a bowl until smooth and free of lumps. It should be the consistency of single cream.
  2. To make the filling, heat 1 teaspoon of oil in a frying pan over a medium-high heat and fry the shallot for 4 - 5 minutes until softened. Add the julienned carrot and prawns and stir fry for a further 2 minutes then add the beansprouts and spring onions. Cook for 2 minutes until the prawns have warmed through and then stir through most of the herb mixture. Set aside until needed.
  3. To make the dipping sauce, mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and set aside.
  4. To cook the crepes heat 1 teaspoon of oil in a 20 cm non-stick frying pan set over a medium heat. When hot, add a ladle of the pancake batter and swirl the pan to coat the base. Cook for about 4 minutes, until the top has set and the pancake is lacy at the edges. Peel the cooked pancake from the pan and place onto a serving plate. Place ¼ of the filling onto one half of the pancake and fold the other half over the top of the filling. Repeat until the pancake batter is all used up then serve the pancakes with the dipping sauce and any extra herbs sprinkled on top.

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